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2024... Bigger. Better. MORE!

What a year 2023 was!  The season started with BucksMont Pride (rain!), which was amazing as always, then jumped to a single day at the Sparta NJ Renaissance Faire (more rain!), then spun right to the Delaware Renaissance Faire (no rain!) and suddenly we're in 2024!

My plans for this year are to venture to the same events as the past two years, and hopefully add another event or two to the list as well.  As always, check the "EVENTS" tab to see where you'll find me.

I leave you with this, my fans, friends and followers.  This year, my intent is to grow, expand, flourish... whatever word you want to use to describe this inspired forward trajectory. 2024 will be BIGGER, BETTER, MORE!  It has become a mantra to me over the past few weeks, and I hope you join me on this ride.

-Karyn, 1/2/2024

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