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2020 Vision: Clarity

What a year 2019 was!

You, my fans, friends and followers, may have noticed that I have been a bit quieter on the wires than in past few months, and I was.  There were so many things that came together to make up this past year, that I am at a loss for words: both good and bad.  I thank you for your understanding as I stepped back and reassessed what Twisted Creativity should be as we move into this year, and show  season.  

I will be choosing the quantity of events I go to a bit more selectively this year, and expanding what I do online.  You will still see me at some tried and true, and maybe a few new ones too!  Unfortunately, there are a few that I just cannot do for a number of reasons, including scheduling conflicts, accessibility, timing with other events, and please understand it is for my physical or emotional well-being, and not because of any person, institution or anything of the like.  As events are booked, I will update them on the Events page so you can see where I'll be. 


My goal for 2020 is to have clarity of the vision that is Twisted Creativity.  I will keep weaving.  You will see new bits and baubles in my Etsy Store, on Facebook and Instagram!  I want to expand into new artistic mediums to give me more of an outlet for you to #GetTwisted with as well. 


Thank you, always, for continuing on this journey with me.

-Karyn 1/2/2020

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