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2023... Are You Ready???

Just a simple note with updates...

Life has been a little wild this year, but I am trying to make it out to see you all! 

I am now confirmed for the opening weekend of Sparta NJ Renaissance Faire! 

I plan on being at the Delaware Faire later this fall, as well!
-Karyn, 8/24/23

My fans, friends and followers... It's time to Get Twisted! ARE YOU READY???

2023 is in full swing, and the time has come for me to start posting when and where you can Get Twisted!    Please check the events tab for details. 

I know I have been super-silent on screen, but many of the pieces you know and love have been recreated and restocked over the winter days, and I have plans to bring you new products starting at Bucks-Mont Pride this June! I cannot WAIT to see you all!

-Karyn, 3/26/2023

2022 Updates

It is confirmed... It's time to Get Twisted! 

2022 is bringing with it a flurry of inspiration with all of my art, after 2021 ended with a COVID bang.

During the fall, I was asked to a number of projects that included my lampwork bead projects, and I found a renewed passion for glasswork.  I have also found great enjoyment in fusing glass, and working with stained glass.  I am bringing all of this to you in the months to come.  Follow on Facebook or Instagram for the latest and greatest!
As the holidays are over, I am beginning to schedule events for the upcoming months.  At this moment, I am absolutely aiming for, PA for Bucks-Mont Pride again (provided they offer to hold the event again) and I will be back for my third year with the Sparta NJ Renaissance Faire! 

As my day job has changed (Wooo! English Teacher!), I will have more time to devote to my art and vending on weekends, and especially during the summer!  Please check the events tab for details.  I cannot WAIT to see you all!

-Karyn, 1/27/2022

2021 Plan

It is confirmed... It's time to Get Twisted!  I am beginning to schedule events for the upcoming months.  So far, PA for Bucks-Mont Pride and NJ for Sparta Renaissance Faire!  Please check the events tab for details.  I cannot WAIT to see you all!

-Karyn, 6/10/2021


As we can slowly make ways to safely meet again, face to face, I am beginning to book live events!  As of end of April, I am considered FULLY vaccinated against COVID-19!  I will update the "Events" tab once specifics are confirmed with venues.


For those who choose to stay in, and not come out to Get Twisted, my Etsy shop is always life, and I love making custom creations for you.  Shoot me a message and we'll work on it together!


I have been weaving for you, my friends, fans and followers, and have been tweaking my live display so you can see all that I do. 

Thank you, always, for walking this Twisted road with me, and I hope to see some of y'all out there!

-Karyn 5/24/2021


Until we can safely meet again, face to face, I will not be booking any events, but will continue to weave and blast my art to Instagram and Facebook for you.  Have an idea?  Shoot me a message and we'll work on it together!


With the changes I made happen this year, I am much more re-inspired and adding many more Random Acts of Craftiness to my repertoire.  


In the coming weeks, I will be adding ALL of my stock to the Etsy shop, so y'all don't have to wait to #GetTwisted again in person.  I hope y'all enjoy the new look that Twisted Creativity has become.

Thank you, always, for walking this Twisted road with me, and I wish you peace, health and happiness with this New Year.

-Karyn 2/5/2021

2020 Vision: Clarity

What a year 2019 was!

You, my fans, friends and followers, may have noticed that I have been a bit quieter on the wires than in past few months, and I was.  There were so many things that came together to make up this past year, that I am at a loss for words: both good and bad.  I thank you for your understanding as I stepped back and reassessed what Twisted Creativity should be as we move into this year, and show  season.  

I will be choosing the quantity of events I go to a bit more selectively this year, and expanding what I do online.  You will still see me at some tried and true, and maybe a few new ones too!  Unfortunately, there are a few that I just cannot do for a number of reasons, including scheduling conflicts, accessibility, timing with other events, and please understand it is for my physical or emotional well-being, and not because of any person, institution or anything of the like.  As events are booked, I will update them on the Events page so you can see where I'll be. 


My goal for 2020 is to have clarity of the vision that is Twisted Creativity.  I will keep weaving.  You will see new bits and baubles in my Etsy Store, on Facebook and Instagram!  I want to expand into new artistic mediums to give me more of an outlet for you to #GetTwisted with as well. 


Thank you, always, for continuing on this journey with me.

-Karyn 1/2/2020

'Tis The Season!

The craziness of the Spring weather took a lot more recovery of Twisted Creativity than originally anticipated.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding while I built back up again!

I'm so grateful for everyone who came out to visit me the second weekend of the Sparta NJ Renaissance Festival.  I will DEFINITELY be back next year, and for both weekends!

Now I'm gearing up so that you can #GetTwisted for all of your holiday shopping needs.  New bits and baubles will be posted for you to see on Facebook and Instagram!  Please keep checking the Events page to see where I'll be.

-Karyn 9/30/2019

Summer Break!

With Rockland Pride closing out my Spring Show Season, I'm happily taking a break to reset, recharge, restock, and come back out in September.  That said, if you need to #GetTwisted before then, please contact me to come be a part of your event!  I will be adding them to the Events page as accepted.  My online shop is ALWAYS open (except for August 2-11), and new items will be listed as made.

-Karyn 6/24/2019

Unexpected Event Cancellation

Twisted Creativity has been a part of Piermont Art in the Park for three years running, but unfortunately the event itself had a setback and will not be held this year.  It has been removed from the Twisted calendar.  Please keep checking, as new events are still being listed for throughout 2019.

-Karyn 4/22/2019

New Events Listed!

The 2019 show season is underway!  New events are being listed often, so please keep checking back!  I've been weaving your favorites and making many new designs as well.

-Karyn 2/7/2019

New Year, New Site!

My flavor of Creativity has always been a bit "Twisted" (ha!  get it?) and as such, is an ever-evolving entity of its own.  So... I've started to update the dot-com to reflect my current vibe. 


Some things that won't change: I will always keep the "events" listing updated so you know where to find me, and my Etsy shop will always keep you on top of what's available.

Hope you like the changes as much as I do!

-Karyn 1/9/2019

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