Karyn, founder and sole proprietor of Twisted Creativity, views the world endeavoring to capture each moment with her own proverbial flavor of Twisted Creativity.  If Karyn is not creating something, she surely must've stopped breathing. Office administrator by day, medieval reenactor by night, Karyn currently resides in Bensalem, PA, where she can be found weaving in her back yard and/or home studio in her newly-found free time. 


Karyn began putting her little beads on a wire, and later began weaving chainmaille after injuring her wrist at a former job in May 2013. She got beat up by a door. True story! Really! The fine motor skills needed for beading helped Karyn to regain some of her dexterity, and the grip and twist motions of chainmaille weaving have helped her rebuild some of her former strength, where both physical and occupational therapy has failed.  Karyn turned her healing efforts into a registered business.  Now, registered since August of 2014, Karyn is growing her business, designing new items constantly and loving every minute of it! ​



The History Behind The Pliers

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